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These two sons and the seventh son, Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, were accordingly instructed with their duty to find wives of princely birth, and all three in the same year espoused each a Princess.Two of them, William and Edward, were married on the same day.If we include the later Eastern Empire, one reign of 56 years (Basil II., who had a colleague for seven years) is found and one of 48 (Constantine VII., who had several colleagues). In another and greater sense, however, was this reign a memorable one in English history.Literary endeavor and the search for knowledge in no other single reign, save that of Elizabeth, made such splendid contributions to the stock of new facts and written words that men will not willingly let die.Many former reigns contributed their shares to the dominions over which Victoria ruled, but no former sovereign actually reigned over anything like so extensive an area as she.In her time vast areas were added to the British Empire in Africa, India, and the Pacific, so that it was never quite so true as in her time that the British Empire was one on which the sun never set.

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Her steadfast devotion to Protestantism cost her much.Nor does the long line of Roman Emperors who ruled in Rome supply an instance of such length of regal days in power.The longest reign was that of Constantine the Great, 31 years; the next longest that of Valentinian III., 30 years, while reigns so celebrated in Roman annals as those of Tiberius, Claudius, Domitian, Trajan, and Diocletian extended over only 23, 13, 15, 19, and 21 years, respectively.The Duke of Kent, when he married her, was a tall and rather stoutish man of fifty-eight.For various reasons, one of them the want of means to live becomingly in England, they made their home in the Castle of Amorbach, in Bavaria, which was part of the inheritance of the Duchess's young son by her first husband.