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16 Jan

The production of salt led to Manchester becoming a major trade center.During the Civil War and thereafter, the salt works became a point of contention and led to long-term feuds and skirmishes.Thomas Walker who followed it in this section of Goose Creek in 1750, and by Daniel Boone 19 years later in 1769.

It was the center of government for the huge territory of SE Kentucky that encompassed all the headwaters of the Kentucky River -- North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork -- and their tributeries, including adjacent Goose Creek.Within the City Limits of Manchester, KY is a unique park system that, when connected by a riverside walking trail of serene beauty, offers the visitor a chance to soak up some of the early history not only of Manchester and Clay County, but southeast Kentucky as well.The trail itself follows the route of the Warrior's Path, one of the most historically significant trails in American History.This park features a pavilion, scenic views and River Walk Trail...connecting it to Goose Creek Salt Works to the south, and Goose Creek Swinging Bridge and Historic Salt Works in Manchester was established due to the presence of many salt springs.Daniel Boone offered a plan to reroute the Wildnerness Road to pass by the headwaters of Goose Creek.