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07 Aug

But suffice it to say, whether Lee is the Advocate, or the Promised Pastor, or SSN or whatever, his cult uses deception tactics to lure in new recruits.So, this revelation that Mannam was somehow intimately linked to SCJ helped kick things into gear, beginning a long, drawn-out struggle across the media and Internet to reveal Mannam’s cult ties. it didn’t match up with many of the active volunteers. I’m getting free classes/food/etc and I’m not giving anything back in return. They’re not going to recruit me into their fruity little religion. It was unclear how much control this hated cult had in Mannam.The material she presented me with and her description of Mannam reminded me very much of the various front groups used by those other cults.I asked her if Mannam was related to a religious organization. A lie, which I later discovered, was not uttered in ignorance.Don’t judge SCJ by the quality of the kimchi you made at a Mannam cooking class or the goal you scored at a Mannam soccer match; judge SCJ by Lee’s hate-filled book , judge SCJ by the testimonies of former members and their families, judge SCJ by its lies.Better yet, sit down with the mother of a young girl who has been indoctrinated to believe her mother is possessed by Satan and then tell me SCJ does no harm.Kim Nam-hee was the official chairwoman of Mannam, and Lee Man-hee was the honorary chairman. Yes, definitely, but SCJ is well known for its subversive techniques.

Most Korean churches quickly learned what they were doing and began posting anti-SCJ posters on their doors forbidding the subverters from entering.

SCJ knows its name is dirt, which is why its so careful not to reveal its true identity.

Most SCJ followers are lured in for Bible studies classes, and by the time they learn they’re in SCJ, they’ve already been indoctrinated.

Putting aside his apparent preaching for peace, he also claims Anyone who hears the testimony about the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies and refuses to believe it will be destroyed, just like the people in the time of Adam and Lot.

If you want to hear more stuff like this, here are some excerpts from his book .