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18 Sep

Within ten minutes of being out, everyone forgot we were filming a montage and really started to enjoy themselves.Also, the scenes that Luke and I did with Nick Flanagan are memorable because Nick is so funny and nailed his character so well.I randomly met the director of the movie, Pavan, at a bar in Toronto. I’m not sure why but I’m glad Pavan and the film’s producers decided to take a chance on me.Several months later he invited me to be a part of the movie. I always really wanted to try acting but never had the nerve to go out and do it on my own.The collaborative spirit was also great because Pavan invited me to give a lot of input and it’s a very different process from writing standup alone.Well I was really itching to try something like this.As we got closer to shooting though it became clear that we were going to be going pretty strictly off the script. The idea of filming in Colombia was appealing and I enjoyed working with a crew that was primarily from Ontario because that’s where I grew up.

I tried to play it as close to my own emotions and self as possible because that felt like the only way I could do it.The character isn’t really that different from me when you break him down – we’re similar ages etc…I think acting is a really different creative process than what I’m used to.Q: Without any acting experience, how do you approach building a character?How was it working with Pavan to build your respective characters?