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05 Jan

We also had to make or buy other things we needed, like banners and a leaflet to hand out to people working in the office we planned to blockade.“In the process, we naturally started to form strong affinities and connections, taking some time to acknowledge how we were feeling about what we were about to do, sharing some of our fears and our deeper motivations. By early Monday morning we were off doing the action – and by Monday evening we were in the pub, debriefing and celebrating!

Having only taken part in a few actions previously, it was a truly fantastic experience – really empowering as well as being wicked good fun.

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“On arrival at camp on the Friday I was given a piece of paper and asked to identify where I sat on the ‘action spectrum’, i.e.

what kinds of actions I’d be up for, what kind of stuff I felt comfortable with, and what skills I might be able to bring.