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03 Aug

In 1888, Margaret and Kate confessed that their rappings had been a hoax and publicly demonstrated their method.Margaret attempted to recant her confession the next year, but their reputation was ruined and in less than five years they were all dead, with Margaret and Kate dying in abject poverty.When he asked if the spirits could produce a sound at a distance from their own bodies, one girl climbed into a wardrobe closet where her dress touched the wood, whence the sound transmitted into the wood plank — however, she was unable to control this sound sufficiently to produce spirit communications.Page devised contraptions that emulated the rapping sounds produced by the girls, which could be concealed under long clothing.Amy and Isaac Post, a radical Quaker couple and long-standing friends of the Fox family, invited the girls into their Rochester home.Immediately convinced of the genuineness of the phenomena, they helped to spread the word among their radical Quaker friends, who became the early core of Spiritualists.This was the first demonstration of spiritualism held before a paying public, and inaugurated a long history of public events featured by spiritualist mediums and leaders in the United States and in other countries.The Fox girls became famous and their public séances in New York in 1850 attracted notable people including William Cullen Bryant, George Bancroft, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Parker Willis, Horace Greeley, Sojourner Truth and William Lloyd Garrison.

The Fox sisters attempted to win the prize and were investigated by three Harvard professors.

The report noted that the raps were heard close to Margaret and a séance sitter, Professor Furness had felt pulsations in her foot.

Kate was one of mediums examined by William Crookes, the prominent physicist, between 18, who concluded the raps were genuine.

Finally they found a man by the name of Bell, and they said that this poor innocent man had committed a murder in the house and that the noises had come from the spirit of the murdered person.

Poor Bell was shunned and looked upon by the whole community as a murderer." Kate and Margaret were sent to nearby Rochester during the excitement – Kate to the house of her sister Leah (now the married Leah Fox Fish), and Margaret to the home of her brother David – and the rappings followed them.