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12 Dec

Attached copy, use my name to get in and also the password is password as it is a test sample. Your new message hasn't appeared in your thread, perhaps a suggestion would be to upload a sample either in your thread or via a 3rd party like drop box and I can take a look as long as I know the form Names etc. Given me a lot of ideas of how I can grow this database.Yeah sure had to remove all data and branding for safe guarding. But just need a simple one for September Once again thanks for your assistance.Bizarrely, the combobox from the valuelist works fine, i.e. i'm building a database full of these forms and none of them are working, so I figure it must be something simple I'm missing.within the range of data pulled by the first combobox it selects data correctly. Cheers Johnny PS, I meant to add I think that somehow I should be rerunning the subform query, I assumed it does it automatically but I'm probably wrong in assuming that Thanks Trevor, will give it a go.I have set up a Form and a Subform however my Subform is not updating to the relevant ID.I have a Form which the user selects the the class they are teaching, followed by the child they wish to award the points too.I Have set the Subform to link to the Studentlist table via ID but alas if i Change the child it still won't update the form to show the relevant ID.Any help would be much appreciated I haven't touched access in Years. Also I created a behaviours database a while ago for a school perhaps this may help you.

The subforms have fields related to activities that occured on a trip, eg meetings.Subform2: f_Activity Details_Datasheet- this is subform to Mainform?On first read, requery is needed on subform2 when a change is made in Mainform given that when you move records on the Mainform the subforms are updated correctly. [Query Status] When each combobox is updated the following run: Do Cmd. Recalc The subform is linked via the BAU_Team Resp data item as master and child in the BAU table and main table respectively.I tried adding a button (with run-query) to the main form to run the query behind the subform, it opens up the query correctly, i.e.