Tired of dating games

18 Jun

Not to mention, you're completely eliminating the possibility that the other person would love the honest version of you. For someone who loves us for who we really are, instead of who we pretend to be?Perhaps that means that people who play games are only in it for the short-term, and they're hoping to get what they want before you find out. This guy didn’t have the time of the day for you — or wanted to use you for sex — when you were younger and or less established, but all of a sudden he is interested because he made a crappy life decision or two and sees that you are happily/independently doing your thing. Though all women appreciates a dude who is passionate about his career, passion can turn to plain obsession under the wrong circumstances. The Workaholic: Working 60-80 hours a week and maintaining a relationship are two incompatible lifestyles.

Is there any type of guy you are just fed up of, who you believe belongs on this list?

So, here are seven signs that, like the police chief in every buddy cop movie, you're getting to old for this sh*t.

Maybe you've opted out of the games, but your friends are still coming to you with the most obvious relationship problems, and you SO cannot be bothered anymore. The no-show who "overslept," and the player whose stories sound a little too impressive? Dude, if you drive a Saturn, no one is going to believe you're an angel investor who helps build children's hospitals in his spare time.

Or we commit little white lies to make ourselves look better, or to avoid hurting other people's feelings. Love is already complex enough without having to navigate a minefield of half-truths and gamesmanship.

When you play games, you're just wasting everybody's time.