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12 Sep

But the more I wanted to turn off that station, the more his exorbitant monologues made me into a fan.CBS Radio ended his terrestrial show back in 2009, but Tom has since discovered the freedom of internet radio, and in 2010 created New Normal Network, which hosts rock, pop and talk stations.You can practically see the faithful mouthing the words in harmony with their leader.They are keenly aware of the drill and anxiously wait to give Leykis an elongated “Helloooo Tom.” Commencing at pm PT on April 2, 2012, however, a significant change with program platform delivery surfaced as the creator of the New Normal Network transitioned from traditional terrestrial radio signals to a configuration of online streaming and podcasts.We have 10 incoming phone lines and, for most of the day, they are packed.” In the beginning though, Leykis was “so spooked” that he instituted a backup plan, just in case there was an absence of listener input.“We were prepared for that,” he admits, “but it turned out that we had nothing to worry about.” Spike TV Typical days for him are completely different from the past, as he is operating a genuine small enterprise.

“It has been a pretty surprising ride for us,” he comments of the venture’s one-year anniversary.Before, I would arrive at pm to open the microphone.I would do my show prep at home and be out the door at pm.” Involved with the entire gamut, including technical issues, Leykis – in effect – functions as chief engineer.That’s my gig, telling them how to do that.” NMR had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to “The Tom Leykis Show” at Tom’s storefront Burbank studio.In NMR’s exclusive interview with the radio legend, Tom talks about the decline of traditional radio and “The Tom Leykis Show’s” internet success.