Troy dizon dating

09 May

When you foreshadow not just one, but multiple dates as a possibility in her head, things change.

Now she's got all these beautiful things like having wine at the hotel bar, walking down the beach, trying tai chi for the first time, or going on a nice stroll down the park as options.

Again, laughter will ensue because you've elected to show humility.2) Talk about possibilities and do not push for a date.

Usually the deal breaker is being overaggressive and being pushy.

If you "foreshadow" it, she will imagine it and SHE will be the one wanting to say yes.

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Tyler: “at a certain point we develop a social intuition for that ‘look’ girls give.

Conservative Asian Women LOVE self-deprecating humor, especially if its established that you're the cooler one.

Its a given that Conservative Asian Women are not afraid to compliment, so if she tells you you're really awesome or cool for wearing that new Zanerobi t-shirt, it's best to tell her as a joke that you've been wearing it for the past 3 days and she must be kissing your ass.

This is what most foreigners have trouble with when it comes to conservative Asian women.

In my coaching system, we have a term called Foreshadowing.