Tupperware dating tips

30 Apr

Craft Shows When doing craft shows, offer free Tupperware citrus peelers to all who enter your drawings. Mompack The online group, Mompack.com, is a way for stay at home mom businesses to exchange what they call fillers, which are business cards, or postcards or small samples with one another.These fillers then get passed out to their customers as well.And as a Tupperware consultant, you have the ability to buy the prizes as well as the prize catalogs to use for your fundraisers! You have an attractive fundraising program all around, that offers quality products, reasonable prices, a great cut for the organization, and prizes to the kids.When looking to set up a fundraiser, keep in mind that you will want to start in spring for the following school year.Get a list together of all the organizations you wish to market to, and send out an introductory letter along with a Tupperware fundraising catalog and prize catalog.Two weeks later, follow up with a phone call to set up an appointment.Door to Door Buy at least 100 current sales fliers, citrus peelers, and door hangers.Put the fliers and citrus peelers in the bags, and go door-to-door throughout your neighborhood, leaving one at each house. Some Tupperware dealers knock on the doors and introduce themselves, asking if the occupants have any broken Tupperware they can service, while others are intimidated by this and simply leave the bag.

Your hostesses are your best leads for new career Tupperware datings.

It's a great way to unwind and spend quality time with the people close to you.

To find one Tupperware Consultant and make a Party booking or place an order, please contact our Distributor.

Don't underestimate this lucrative part of career Tupperware!

Some Tupperware dealers only do Tupperware fundraising, and are quite successful at it.