Tweetdeck columns not updating

09 Jul

Twitter's official desktop app Tweet Deck has finally come out of beta, and joins the website and mobile apps as part of the redesign of the service.Tweet Deck allows you to follow any number of Twitter and Facebook accounts you run in one columned application.For those unaware, Tweet Deck is Twitter's own dashboard tool, similar to Hootsuite or Sprout Social, but entirely devoted to Twitter.Through Tweet Deck, you can monitor and action every aspect of your Twitter presence - but what many don't realize is that Tweet Deck is always evolving.Then there is the @Me feed, which shows all interactions with you on Twitter or Facebook.Finally there is an Inbox for Direct Messages in Twitter.These grids are created through Tweet Deck - to do this, you need to start a new Collections column.

You can add as many columns as you like, which, Zima says, many businesses fail to utilize to best benefit.You can add to any of these from a selection of things like Lists or Tweets, and remove any of them too.Tweet Deck is absolutely essential if you use more than one Twitter account.Scheduling is one of the most utilized functions of any social media management tool, and Tweet Deck offers its own tools on this front, including the ability to add images and GIFs."Tweet Deck also enables anyone with access to the account to make changes to a scheduled Tweet, so you're always viewing the most up-to-date version of the content." In addition, tweets scheduled through Tweet Deck are also visible on ads.and, which ensures that you're always able to stay across what content is being scheduled to go out from your brand profile/s.