Ubuntu vnc not updating

30 Nov

As the saying goes, better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.# Uncomment the following two lines for normal desktop:unset SESSION_MANAGER#exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc[ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup[ -r $HOME/. Xresourcesxsetroot -solid greyvncconfig -iconic &x-terminal-emulator -geometry 80x24 10 10 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &xfce4-session &startxfce4 & Hello, Thank you so much for this great post.It sucks if you take the time to help people, then lose all of your effort because of an antiquated and frustrating line editor. Vi, like many other unix technologies has to be learned.I had a similar reaction many years ago with my first introduction to vi but like everything else I don't know, I studied it and learned it.So is all that core\xfce4\firefox stuff neccessary?Have you tried using your VNCclient to login to your VNCserver at port :1? So, at VNCclient prompt: xxx.xxx:# where is your server's ip (on ec2, this will be your public ip or instead just your public dns hostname), and # is your vnc Server session you want to connect to - in this tutorial they set up 1:youruser, and so you would want # to be 1 for that user. Even though some people disliked, I just have to congrat the writer of this tutorial because, after 48 hours of desesperated searching and failed tries, I finally understood and finnished in the first time this installation totally usable.A few simple commands just to get VNC installed, and a great refresher guide for those, like me, who dont always work with Linux so tend to forget the simple stuffs.

You can check it as follows: [email protected] ~ # dpkg -l | grep vncii vnc4server 4.1.1 xorg4.3.0-37ubuntu5 amd64 Virtual network computing server software[email protected] ~ # Please uninstall if Tight VNC or anything similar installed. Adding new user `srijan' (1001) with group `srijan' ... Xauthority does not exist New 'server1:1 (srijan)' desktop is server1:1 Creating default startup script /home/srijan/.vnc/xstartup Starting applications specified in /home/srijan/.vnc/xstartup Log file is /home/srijan/.vnc/server1:1[email protected]:~$#! In case you want to add more users to access the vnc-console you need to add the user as mentioned above & append the entry in the file as: vi /etc/vncserver/For instance I am using user This "tutorial" was clearly written by a linux nerd who has never had to deal with another human being in his life.Once I saw everything the first command planned to install, I backed out.The second command worked fine, and the server seems to be installed correctly (though not tested).Thanks a lot Mister, and to be more precise, I've only been using Linux for one mounth.If you do not know how to use linux, then don't read a guide on how to install "VNC Server On Ubuntu 14.04".