Updating a jtree

10 Sep

If you decide SEMrush is not for you, cancel anytime during the one month trial and you won't be charged a penny. Do you want to learn how to perform stealth competitor research, find profitable keywords, audit paid ad campaigns, dissect your competitor's content strategies, perform backlink analysis, keyword rank tracking and identify site monetization opportunities?

If I had to choose three keyword research tools that I use the most regularly, I'd have to choose: 1) SEMrush - Hands down for the competitive insight.

If you aren't bidding on or using the right keywords, you're not serving the right content to the right audience at the right stage in the buyer journey.

Finding what your competition are ranking for is invaluable when building out a strategy to improve organic visibility.

2) SISTRIX - Similar to SEMRush, SISTRIX is great for competitive research, it's also good to identify historical keyword performance on certain domains which is translated into client-friendly visibility chart!

You can then go in to each of those competitors and identify keywords that you might not be targeting now, but you should be.

In addition, you can dig into the paid side of search and find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on, and then leverage those keywords for your own organic benefit if you're not already doing so.