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02 Apr

The idea behind multivalued fields is to make it easy to support those instances where you want to select and store more than one choice, without having to create a more advanced database design.Multivalued fields are also important for integration with Windows Share Point Services because Share Point lists also support multivalued fields.However, when you use the Value property, as in Assigned To.

Top of Page When you display a multivalued field in a query, you must decide if you want to display the complete multivalued field containing all of the values separated by commas, or a separate row for each value.

You can create a query to display the individual values by using the following procedure.

When you create a query by using Design view, Access automatically generates the corresponding SQL (Structured Query Language) statement. You can switch to SQL view to see the SQL statement by using the following procedure. A lookup field is a field in a table whose value is retrieved from another table or query, or from a value list.

In Microsoft Office Access 2007, you can create a field that holds multiple values, such as a list of people to whom you have assigned an issue.

Multivalued fields are appropriate for certain situations, such as when you use Office Access 2007 to work with information stored in a Windows Share Point Services 3.0 list, and that list contains a field that uses one of the multivalued field types available in Windows Share Point Services 3.0.