Updating datbase

23 Sep

To ensure the best performance from your database, we have a number of specialized servers set up to run databases as quickly as possible.

When you add a database to your account, it is automatically created on one of these specialty servers.

But don't worry; it’s still easily accessible from your web space.

From the database screen, you can check and edit any databases you have already created.

This results in database inconsistencies and is an example of how combining information that does not really belong together into one table can cause problems.

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Update, deletion, and insertion anomalies are very undesirable in any database.

Fit Nesse is a wiki-based framework for writing acceptance tests for software systems.

If you are not familiar with Fit Nesse, Part 1 of this series walks through a complete .

NET example from writing the test in your browser to writing the C# code-behind.

While Fit Nesse provides a rather nifty and user-friendly way to write acceptance tests in general, in practice there are plenty of quirks and glitches to watch out for.