Updating gv n570oc 13i bios dating buitenlandse vrouwen in nederland

25 Feb

Never even removed the heatsink :shrug: This isn't looking good. Only time I use it is to bench it and is still holding up. I've noticed that temps help more than volts at a certain point. I didn't remove the heatsink because I was sending it right back, but now I wonder if this is what happened to the card I had! I think somepeople get gready and blow there stuff up and dont take responsibility for there own actions.

Then I found my VRM's :( go over ~1.15V unless you add some phases!

With regards to the mods done, they were as follows: v GPU, v Mem, v PLL, CB, OCP via BIOS, and lots of caps. i have two Gigabyte GTX 570 which has the same reference design as ASUS and i am guessing EVGA cards.

I think nvidia skimped heavily on the VRM with the GTX 570.

While it was on phase, I left the unisink/stabilizer on.

That got a bit cold from being so close to the phase and it also had a fan on it.