Updating light switches sea of fish dating

23 May

A basic new outlet and cover plate can run you as little as -3 so it’s not a pricey update – even for an outlet-riddled room like ours (there were nine in here).And the task of replacing them is pretty straightforward too.For decorative lights, you’ll have to make sure you're OK with anything you choose playing second fiddle to the main light source.If your decorative light ends up outshining (literally) every other light in the room, you’ll mess up the flow. If you’re going for main light source, you’ll have to make sure you’ve chosen the right light for the size of your room. If you have high ceilings and a lot of square footage, a large hanging pendant makes sense, but trying to cram even a medium-size fixture in some small spaces can be overpowering.“Literally just an Edison bulb dangling from a cord above your bar can look perfect in a small space,” Sutton says.So when my mom enlightened me that they sell kits to add lights to existing ceiling fans we immediately had our game plan in mind (which included this vintage-ish Ceiling Fan Light Kit found at Home Depot).I was pretty stoked about the price of the add-on light fixture () and the schoolhouse style was pretty decent too.I just had missed them because they were wrapped up in a plastic bag which, had I looked more closely, was labeled “for light.” Duh. I pulled the chain a few times to make sure it had switched on. I disconnected and reconnected the wires a couple of times. After some Googling I found a few other things to try.

We all want the awesome modern light fixtures we see in interior design photos (thanks a bunch, Pinterest!Even if you mix different styles, the tones need to be similar,” Sutton says.“For example, look for a common color—like a dark hue—on every light fixture.”Once you’ve picked out the fixtures, be creative in their placement—don’t just pop them in the middle of the room.“Light fixtures often get lost in the middle of the room,” Sutton says. Try placing fixtures over pieces of furniture in order to create a focal point in the space.I’m not a trained electrician so I can’t say this is an expert how-to or that it’ll work for every home out there, but so far it has served us quite well.Switching out all 9 outlets – plus two switches – took me a little over an hour.