Updating multiple columns in sql server 2016

22 Nov

I read on the Microsoft Always Encrypted page that to be able to update an encrypted colum, it "".Our Operation team is not very willing to use this version since it is not recommended. Currently only SSMS v17 release candidates support updating cells encrypted using Always Encrypted.Tables that use sparse columns can designate a column set to return all sparse columns in the table.A column set is an untyped XML representation that combines all the sparse columns of a table into a structured output.Column sets can be visualized as a minitable and a select operation is like a SELECT * operation on this minitable.But, the relationship between column set to sparse columns is a grouping relationship instead of strictly a container.

It returns an XML column with the combined values of the sparse columns.

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The following table lists the data types and the default values that the server generates when the value is not provided. Generates an error when a value is specified for this attribute by the caller in the XML representation provided for a column set in an insert or update operation.

The security model for a column set works similar to the security model that exists between table and columns.