Updating ranch home exteriors

27 Sep

Split-level ranches don’t offer much more as far as variety goes, just an extra half-story to work with.

So the trick to remodeling ranch style homes is pretty obvious: find ways to make your boring ranch home stand out from the rest!

What you need to do is go look at your home from the street. Setting your home apart is as much about changing it’s connection to the surroundings as it is changing it in a vacuum. Of course, this is just the short list of ways to make your ranch style home stand out from the rest of the cookie cutters in your neighborhood.

Either drive by your house from both directions and really notice how yours sits with the others or walk by your home on the other side of the street. Talk to a contractor or other home improvement professional about any projects you have in mind.

Something that’s important to remember is that many ranch homes are sitting in a neighborhood chocked full of other ranches.

Often, depending on your neighborhood, you don’t have to do much to set your home apart from those around you. Compare it to the others, and don’t forget the homes on the opposite side of the street.

• Provide an intimate sheltered entry in an inset porch.

• Add color with a fresh coat of paint and accent trim.

• Replace outdated siding with fiber cement board, stucco, stone veneer, brick or a combination of two or three.

• Consider swapping spaces; if the kitchen is between your family room and a (too small) formal dining room, think about switching the family room and dining room uses while opening the new dining room and kitchen into one room; the old formal dining room is perfect for a cozy TV den.

• Add skylights to baths and halls on the north side of the roof to capture ambient light.