Updating steam platform files

28 May

Please note that you should only need to update the Steam SDK if you need newer features of the Steam platform, such as better Steam Controller support.

Due to vast changes with the Steam Controller API, if you are using UE4 4.11 or older, you will need to drop in a replacement for the You may not need to update if Epic updates the SDK after this post is written.

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Similar to above, copy the 64-bit binaries into your Engine's file.

#Requirements : You need to have a Steam DEV API key you can obtain one from the following link : Certain servers for specific games require you to use a login on Steam CMD so specify your login in the script. I told you in the file not to touch anything beyond that point.

(Just redownload the script to get a default working version.) #Known bugs / issues : If your game server is to crash you may have to wait for the next automatic update check as defined by the interval so the script checks if the game server is infact running or not.

Download the Steam Cmd tool from Valve's CDN and extract it to an easy to get to folder, such as a folder named on your desktop.

Once extracted, you will need to get a command prompt in this folder.