Updating wordpress on bluehost Nudefamily

08 Sep

Most importantly, creating a child theme lets you make changes to your site without touching your original theme’s code, allowing you to update your site without the threat of lost all the customizations you’ve made.

You can find out more about how to create a child theme in our article How to Create a Word Press Child Theme.

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme.

Child themes allow you to modify or add to the functionality of the parent theme.

Our awesome support team can help you with First thing’s first – before we get started you need to back up your database and your current theme.

Since we’re replacing and updating theme files, there’s a chance something could go wrong so it’s best to play it safe and have a backup.

If you want to upgrade your theme but made customizations without using a child theme, read on.

If you’ve made changes to your theme’s code, you may want to see if the updates in the new version of your theme are extensive.

Upfront automatically stores them in your site’s database to protect your work. Note: If you’re still having trouble upgrading your theme after reading this post, let us help!Most theme providers require that you manually upload a new version of a theme and replace an older version in order to upgrade it.However, if you go to Appearance You probably discovered afterwards that you should have created a child theme.Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page.Learn how to setup a Permanent (301 or Termporary (302) redirects.