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20 Aug

While Neargroup started as a bot based service to connect people with similar interests in the same neighbourhood, the popularity of the online chat feature has overtaken the initial proposition, leading the company to move away from it.

What's interesting is that this is become hugely popular in the Philippines, with 70% or 3.5 lakh users out of 5.5 lakh coming from that country.“We're unsure how this happened; it's all been completely viral and organic and we haven't even marketed the service there," said Pitti.

After the chat has gone on for a certain period of time, users would get a prompt asking if they'd like to share reveal their identification.“On other dating, people take a decision based on the profile picture. Our tag line is ­ discover people basis of conversation, not on the basis of conversation, not edited pictures," said Pitti.

While the seemingly age-old debate about whether fintech startups will kill banks still rages on, Finovate Europe demonstrates why that question is now largely redundant - things have moved on.

A group of banking executives noted the dearth of consumer facing product pitches compared with what might be expected and with previous years, even at what has always been an industry focused event.

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Spośród wszystkich zgłoszeń wyselekcjonowanych zostanie 16 startupów, które na szybkich randkach spotkają się z doświadczonymi przedstawicielami 8 funduszy inwestycyjnych.

Both young entrepreneurs with ICT projects and scientists with innovative projects having the potential to bring crucial changes in technological development are invited.

VC SPEED DATING is also networking and practical workshops.

But it has also pivoted, now offering a white label service, and is working with TD Bank in Canada and Westpac in Australia, integrating its technology with their existing services.

A UK app launch is clearly not a play to become the next Barclays or take on ambitious challengers like Monzo or Tandem, it's a demonstration of how it is agile enough to move to any bank in the audience trying to figure out how to launch such a service to its own customers.