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06 Jul

The download of the 'EDR', or so-called blackbox data, from Williams' Toyota Sequoia is now expected to begin at a Florida tow yard as early as next Wednesday.

It should show her speed at the time of the collision - and whether or not she sped up in the moments before to beat a red light.

It's an unfortunate accident,' said Cunningham, adding that he hoped the accident would not 'distract' the star from competing. Police say there was no evidence she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that she was distracted by a phone.

Her legal team dismissed suggestions today they were 'stalling' over handing over potentially vital evidence to Barson's family.

Experts will now remove panels to gain access to an alternate port.

Patrick Dahl, for Williams, told the hearing that the athletes team of tech experts wanted seven days to 'save, preserve and make copies' of the data.

The video would appear to support that, although police made clear that the matter was still 'under investigation'.

And Michael Steinger, the lawyer for the Barons, Michael Steinger, said it supported their position.'The video released by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department continues to support the fact that Ms.