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23 Dec

"Most of his time lately has been in places like Indonesia, trying to help save the ecosystem." More like busy being banned from Indonesia, amiright?Just when we thought Leo found his leading lady because the couple that vapes together stays together.

notes information about Weimar's age isn't readily available online though some traces on forums indicate she was 15 in 2012. Besides having all of the qualities of Di Caprio's type (young, blonde, model) Weimar seems to share something else with Leo: vaping.Kendall Jenner is only a bottle blonde for special occasions, but that’s never stopped Leo before–just look at Nina Agdal, born a brunette.Leo might not like having eyes on him at all times when he’s simply trying to meet women on a yacht, but it will let him discuss global warming with a larger audience of Kardashian fans.Leo is currently best-known for really leaning into his older years, and not in a dignified, Harrison Ford kind of way.His penchant for Victoria’s Secret Angels makes one wonder if he ever accidentally dates the same Angel twice, accidentally.