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We've always gotten along, but there was always a sibling rivalry between us. I wanted to sigh out loud, but I didn't want to be rude. I was hoping that someone wanted to move to the city and was willing to pay me several hundred dollars for my extra bedroom. Some people were interested, but nothing ever came of it. "I had been thinking about moving back to San Francisco for the past few months. And I expect a fair deal." "Don't worry, I'll give you a fair deal." "Good, because a fair deal is all I can afford right now." The issue of money suddenly came to mind. "So I'll need a few hundred dollars from you each month." "That can be done." "At least 0. That's the best deal I can give you." "Sure, no problem." "Do you have a job? "Something like that." "Don't take this the wrong way, but if you don't have enough money, I'll have to kick you out. Plates were already arranged along with freshly sliced fruits.

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Generally, that's a great thing, but for a lot of people (including me), rent was skyrocketing. But apparently, she was interested in moving back to San Francisco to stay close with our family. All of her google photos were of her smiling to the camera with her pouty lips and slightly upturned nose. It didn't feel right to just email her about something so important. Our parents were against the use of email when communicating with family. We only spoke at family gatherings, or communicated online through email and facebook. My sister Ellary was going to be my new roommate for the foreseeable future. Actually, it wasn't just 'another room' anymore, it had become Ellary's room. It sounded like she was pushing her desk around or something. Sleep was no longer an option, so I got up and started my day early. By the time I washed up in the bathroom, Ellary was already in the kitchen. We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.Part 1 of 3: The Prodigal Sister My little apartment. At that point, I hadn't seen my older sister in several months. That way, there would be no misunderstandings, and no hurt feelings if we couldn't come to terms. Doing things over the phone seemed to be the better option. After several rings, she answered: We made small talk at first. That'll cover my end of the rent for the next several months. "Jeez, I wasn't expecting that." "I've got some income and savings." "Oh, I just assumed that you'd need a new job since you're moving here." "I'm kind of like a freelance model now," she replied. My income should be steady until I find something better to do." "Great. This feels so sudden." "If you think it's sudden, then wait until next month." "What happens then? "Email me your bank information and I'll send you ,000 tomorrow. So long being lazy in front of the tv, or doing whatever I wanted, or leaving my stuff everywhere. And she was going to be my new roommate for the next few years. " "It means I still earn money." My sister's vagueness was driving me crazy. Then she poured me a cup of hot coffee, along with another cup of water.