Website configuration failed failure updating asp net script maps

14 Jan

Note that it’s clearly falling through all the way to the Static File handler which is the last handler to fire in the typical IIS handler list. Finally, totally by chance, I remembered the And lo and behold, Routing started working on the live server and IIS 7.0!

2) AJAX returning error on POST and GET request 3) Fiddler returns JSON data as expected for GET Is it related to ASP. Net 3.5(IIS7) Please visit this helpful article Routing in ASP Net 3 5 IIS7#.However on IIS 7.0 on my live server the same missing setting was not working.On IIS 7.0 this key must be present or Routing will not work.NET 4.0 for that website/application & restarting site on IIS. You should also be aware of this issue on IIS7.5 which I reported to PSS what seems like a month of Sundays ago (which eventually triggered this KB article): a web hoster this really buggered things up for us and is still unresolved :(. I had a web site built with an early version of ASP. I wanted to comment on this statement in bold above:"On IIS 7.0 this key must be present or Routing will not work"We found that this setting is not required to get routing working in Server 2008 IIS 7.0.NET MVC 3 and the web.config files didn't have this entry. It was odd though that the problem didn't show up until a recent Windows Update. Originally we did have run All Managed Modules For All Requests="true" and Routing was working, then we found this post about why using that setting is not a good idea: found that if we applied KB980368 (requires Windows Server 2008 SP2) we could get Routing to work without relying on run All Managed Modules For All Requests.