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20 Feb

Catwoman was originally supposed to be featured in the Challenge of the Super Friends season of Super Friends as a member of the Legion of Doom.

Their relationship is tested, however, by the arrival of Selina's estranged mother, Maria, who claims to need money to pay off a man who is threatening her.

The costume created for the series was similar to the green catsuit appearing in the comics at the time, though it was constructed by Newmar from black Lurex fabric. An uncredited Caucasian body double played the role in a cameo in "The Entrancing Dr. The 2002 television series Birds of Prey included an adaptation of the Silver Age Huntress as one of its main characters.

Catwoman was also adapted for the series as she is an integral component of the back story for Huntress.

The character design and aspects adapted were similar to those used in the previous live-action television series: a focus on the character in costume, lack of a backstory, and use of the then-current green catsuit.

Like the live action TV series, Catwoman behaved like many of her villainous counterparts (Joker, Riddler), by speaking in puns and hiring henchmen who wore outfits similar to hers.