Who is lauren holly dating

29 Jun

Given all that, it’s too bad that How Bruce Lee Changed The World doesn’t measure up a little better.

We've discovered a full synopsis which you can read below: Biblical rain, dying animals, and a blood red moon clearly, all is not well on the quiet farm in the countryside where Tom makes a living with his wife Gillian and their young son Graham.

Not much is known about Scream of the Banshee, which was penned by long-time genre favorite Anthony C. To go along with the image you see below, Miller simply wrote: "Mannequin Park. Miller comes a look at his latest production Scream of the Banshee . The sight of all of those mannequins has us nostalgic for Tourist Trap . » We still don't know what the film is about, but Steven Miller's Scream of the Banshee is currently rolling cameras for After Dark Films.

Ferrante, at this point other than it stars Lance Henriksen and Lauren Holly. Watch out for Banshees"- Uncle Creepy Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon! The film, starring Lance Henriksen and Lauren Holly, is now shooting for After Dark Films and today Miller posted the below image via his Twitter account. Sources tell us we'll be seeing the film join the 2010 crop of Horrorfest titles.

Before the cable and power goes out, glimpses of weather related catastrophes on a global scale are hinted upon.

Amidst these eerie signs, a soft spoken man named Silas stumbles onto their property, » - Nix So quietearth and I decided that the moratorium on all things Uwe Boll will be temporarily lifted due to two things.