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25 Aug

When they start talking about Brad and Angelina, they said, ‘Well we can understand—they’re both beautiful people.

The moment it got to my damn picture with my husband they said, ‘Oh, we hope Mo’Nique not gon’ let him just use her like that, because society looks at me and they see a woman that looks like [she] couldn't possibly have a man that looks like that if there was not something else involved in it…she's gonna let this man do anything he wants to do because she’s famous and she has money and now she can have whatever she wants, but she's gonna let the man use her and abuse her. It was not Sidney's idea to have an open marriage; it was mine.” – Mo’Nique Mo’Nique’s Ego Got The Best Of Her“Initially, when I said it, I had had the attitude of whoever makes the money, makes the rules.

In 2015, she received rave reviews for her performance as Ma Rainey in the HBO biopic Bessie and earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.“There's not a whole lot of Ménage à trois and all of that, in fact, none,” Sidney added. They thought we were having these orgies, and I'm sorry daddy,” she told her husband.This Is How They Define ‘Open Relationship’ Now“So it's not just an open relationship from a sexual standpoint, it’s an open relationship in terms of dialogue that you're having with your spouse, your mate, your sons, your daughters, your mothers, your father, because we always hear ‘be someone important’ or ‘be yourself’ but that's only when its politically correct—when you've fallen into the boundaries of what people expect you to be as opposed to you being yourself when it is against the preverbal norm but what we find is against the norm is really the norm.Initially, when I asked for it, it was because I wanted to continue to see the gentlemen that I was seeing, and I felt comfortable telling my best friend…so when I sat down and said this is what I want initially it was because I wanted to still have sex with who I was seeing and I didn't want it to be where I was keeping anything from my best friend.That's how it initially started, and when I tell you the conversations that we've had, it has taken me to a different place where I'm not even thinking of another man sexually, but still open to it.” – Mo’Nique It Was All Mo’Nique’s Idea, Not Sidney’s“When you pull it up, and you [look] up celebrities in open marriage and you see Will and Jada, whoever the person is the author of that article they say well we can understand why they would be in a open marriage they're both beautiful people.