Who is salma hayek dating

09 Oct

For one, when stepping out into a sea of fashion’s best (aka, fashion week), it sometimes pays to totally revamp your look in order to stand out and turn a few heads.Secondly, it’s important to take good care of your skin, ‘cause the award-winning actress looks dayum good…and dare we say, ageless?Salma has lovely curves and her figure is petite (she’s only 5’2″ tall). Check out also measurements of celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and Katy Perry.This attractive Mexican American actress with large breast size appeared in many movies.The 49-year-old actress turned heads in a revealing white Alexander Mc Queen halter dress that highlighted her ample cleavage. I'm not like the girl next door who is easy to cast.

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“I was in a very foreign, exotic country,” Hayek begins, where only one male masseuse was available.

Already, Hayek explains she was uncomfortable as she prefers her masseuse be female. Hayek proceeds to lay her head face down on the table and is immediately horrified with her rather unexpected view.

“I see these horrible feet with fungus in the toenail and hair and calluses,” she describes.

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