Who is tumi voster dating

19 Jan

Why we love them: They are just too cute; Tebogo explains what he loves about Rethabile.

“Her smile, the way she carries herself as a woman, a young intelligent lady and her off-beat sense of humour.

A year-round accessory, Tumi Voster is full-on proof that you can wear them with anything and everything, no matter the occasion. This red biker jacket looks like perfection accessorised with a pair of black sunnies.

You would think that after the whole Sol incident on 5FM colleagues would learn to watch what they say and choose their platform to voice their opinions wisely.

“The formal processes have begun and we have to submit a response to the complaint for the BCCSA on Thursday after we have listened to the audio of the show,” she began.Tumi explains that at first, she thought Mandla was too lokshin for her and rough around the edges.Mandla says Tumi was a snob with no fashion sense who was in the middle of an identity crisis.I’m not going to lie about it but her looks also attracted me to her, my wife is beautiful.I saw her as a wife who would raise up a great family like the way I was taught. Thus we’ve grown to love and respect everything about one another”. They were in the youth ministries and they were both part of the band.