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22 Oct

So there's a really cute guy you like, and you figure the best way to get his attention is to start flinging some hot and sexy magical mojo his way.Or maybe you lost your job, and you're thinking a spell aimed at your former boss is a great idea. Although the majority of Pagans do incorporate magic into their spiritual practice, it's not generally the primary focus.That means that your great-great-great-great-grandmother who lived in Salem wasn't Wiccan.Also, that ancestor who lived in Appalachia and gathered herbs and was known as a cunning woman? However, she may well have been practicing some form of folk magic - much of which co-existed happily with Christianity for centuries. More ยป If you're thinking about becoming Pagan because it's going to increase your opportunities to get laid, think again.If you're a student and you're being picked on - for whatever reason - you need to let an adult know so they can intervene.If you're an adult and you're being harassed by others, there are a number of ways to resolve the problem - call the police if it's your neighbor, speak to your boss if it's a co-worker. Then, unfortunately, they get a rude awakening when someone at the potluck dinner says something snarky about someone else, one of the Druids makes a comment about the Heathens, and the drum circle erupts into a brawl because the High Priestess' boyfriend drank too much. We're not all sparkles and light, and it's unreasonable to expect everyone to be like that. That doesn't necessarily make you witchy or Pagan.

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Open-mindedness and tolerance of different sexual preferences isn't the same as promiscuity.If you were raised Christian, and now you're thinking about becoming Pagan, it's important to ask yourself .Switching religions isn't like trying on a new pair of shoes, and often involves some degree of commitment on your part.If you're only interested in spellwork, that's fine - but keep in mind that the word is a key component of that.There's a reason that not everyone in the world practices magic.