Women over 50phone chat

14 Jan

I called Mr Davis and wherever he was was very noisy, could barely hear him, he claimed to be at work and he'd call me during his break.We hung up, I decided to Google the number only to find in the site 800notes.com[TDS Note: On Nov.When he calls me back he tells me I should give him 00.00 to pay for therapy for his daughter (the best therapy, of course, and that's a steal at 00).When I tell him I don't have the money to pay him, he then tells me he'll "see me in court" and the phone goes silent with him waiting on me to give in and pay. I called a friend of mine who is a detective and asked him about the situation and he informs me it's a scam and I shouldn't worry about it.Stupidly, I said whatever and sent a picture in return to which I received a text reply complimenting. This morning, morning after the texts were exchanged, I get a phone call from a "detective johnson" from a number with my same area code claiming he'd gotten a disturbing call about texting an underage girl and exchanging photos, saying I could get sent to prison for 30 years unless I could resolve it with the father whom he claimed was willing to work with me before taking further action.I was given the number 843-274-8997 for a 'James Davis' to resolve this.21, 2016 we heard from another young man targeted by this scammer who ALSO identified himself as "James Davis" and used the number 843-274-8997.A "Detective" also called the other man using the number 510-790-6800.] Lucky for me, I was not able to hear "Mr davis" during the first call that led to us hanging up and giving me the opportunity to lookup both numbers.

She then immediately starts talking about sex and sends me a nude pic and asks for one in return and then stops talking.His "wife" (most likely the subject in the photos) was on the way to the station to press charges.Then he has a change of heart and decides to talk her out of it.The point is that most of these scams are likely perpetrated by the same criminal.] In every instance, these scams have caused significant emotional strain to the victims.One young man contacted us with this story and was so upset and shaken for about two weeks that he would not let us publish what happened to him, even if we posted it anonymously.