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17 Feb

It’s something I’ve always thought about, but I’m just not sure...I don’t think it’s something Harvard talks about a lot." "I think the gay male population is much more visible than the lesbian community, and I don’t know why that is.

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Now, we’ve always said that FKA is using Rob for publicity, but Rob isn’t stupid – this whole thing was clearly part convenience, part showmance, all in an effort to aid both of them with their careers.

Of course, I don’t think that either Robert Pattinson or FKA Twigs would be as blatant or unkind to rub their relationship in Kristen’s face out of pure glee, but Kristen DID cheat on Rob.

It’s not something you can forget that easily, and I’m sure a part of Rob always wanted to make Kristen jealous with his new relationship. Were Rob and FKA trying to make Kristen jealous with their constant PDA?

Source: Shutter Stock If he's introduced you to his parents and siblings, that's almost a guarantee that you're dating - especially if you've had dinner with them or something like that.

No guy, or girl, is going to introduce a random hookup to their family with any kind of importance.